Creative Process - How to improve it?

The creative process is present in everyone’s lives, and it consists of the capacity to build or create something original. Haven't we all, at some point, been overwhelmed by a creative block or a mind blank that keeps us from thinking of, or creating something different? These creative blocks sometimes make our work difficult, but it is essential to realize that there are activities that we can do to improve our creative process, so that these situations happen less often.

Rita Russo
Nov 23 2021 • 3 min reading
Creative Process - How to improve it?

Sometimes when we need our creativity for a project, an activity or even a simple task in our daily lives, we lack inspiration to move forward. We find ourselves “feeling stuck” which leads to growing frustration. Therefore, knowing how to get out of these creative blocks is of great importance to improve our creative process.

Start by realizing that the creative process is a thought structuring process and helps us to come up with new, fresh, ideas. Creativity must be exercised, especially when we don’t know what to do when it comes to a project that we’re working on. Knowing all these factors, here are a few steps to help us get inspired and improve our ability to think of something innovative: 

  1. Investing in Creative Techniques: There are two techniques that are widely used - Brainstorm and Mind Mapping. Brainstorm consists of bringing together a group of people and sharing multiple ideas they have, to be able to point out all the information and suggestions collected. Mind Mapping is meant to organize our ideas. Since they’re supposed to work as guides, they should be very detailed oriented. By creating a Mind Mapping, we will be able to improve our creativity.
  2. Look for inspiration in other projects (do some research): It is very important during a creative process to do a thorough research whether it be from other sites or other types of graphic concepts. This research will open our minds and vision regarding the project we are working on and, probably, unlock our creativity at a time we unable come up with any new ideas.
  3. Don’t get stuck with an initial idea: Being stuck with an initial idea is a huge obstacle for us to be able to create something different from what has been done before. This will prevent us from moving forward with the creative process. An initial idea may not be the ideal solution for what we want to do or what we want that project to become, therefore it is important to experiment with different concepts and innovative ideas.
  4. Taking breaks throughout the day to rest your mind: Taking breaks is also important during this process, as a tired mind can’t be creative, and it doesn’t do any good to force it. In our office we value our lunchtimes, snack times, short breaks, a game of darts or to chat for a while. These moments help us to relax our mind. Sometimes talking with colleagues during these breaks about our project can make a new idea come up.
  5. Ask for feedback: Asking for feedback about out work is very important, because an exterior vision makes it possible to see what was done in a different way and makes us explore other ways of doing it. Looking at each other’s screens and give an opinion about what we’re seeing it helps to create something different. Sharing opinions and knowledge is key to see our creations in a new way.

Adapting these small steps in our daily basis, whatever the job is, it will help the creative process of each person. Turning these steps into a routine, trying to think outside the box is very important. It will innovate your work and create new trends.

“Creativity is the art of connecting ideas.” - Steve Jobs

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