Consistency and recurrence are essential in online communication

I am in one of the world’s best destinations, in a mix between enjoying the family and closing a spectacular project in which we have been working for Herdade da Malhadinha Nova and today, while having one of those unforgettable breakfasts, I heard a couple talking in the table beside while checking the daily news in Observador.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Jul 30 2020 • 1 min reading
Consistency and recurrence are essential in online communication

He said to her a little irritated after reading an article that pleased him: “- I don't understand this: it says here that every two weeks there will be a new article of this type in Observador ... but what does this mean ??? if they said every Thursday I would know when to check online and read it ... but every two weeks ... do I have to guess? I think this is stupid ...”

The woman laughed without paying too much attention and asked how the oil price was doing.

I was sitting there and thinking that that 70-year-old man had just identified the most important characteristic in web communication: ensuring online publications recurrence and consistency.

When we define an online communication plan - posting articles to share knowledge with our customers, with our peers and friends - to be able to grow in number of followers, likes and engagement ... we have to be very clear in what we promise!

If we promise to post every Monday morning this is clear to our followers. If we promise to post once a week this is confusing ...

The ones who reads us know that, at Softway, we promised to post a new article on the blog every Monday morning ... and our followers also know that last week we tested it on Wednesday and that this week we are only posting today.

Sometimes it is necessary to get out of the office to remember the importance of the rules that we defined more than 9 months ago when we started our blog. Next Monday we will be back as promised keeping up with these 2 important keywords: recurrence and consistency!

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