Blog in the “blogosphere”, or blog inside your own website?

And is having a blog just a trend? Or does it convert? Another challenge to answer.

Maria Cunha
Jan 18 2021 • 2 min reading
Blog in the “blogosphere”, or blog inside your own website?

When we think about a blog, we think of a kind of “virtual diary” where we can write about different topics, as often as we want, and it is unquestionable that it is currently a very powerful digital marketing tool, especially if it is integrated within the sites. And why?

Essentially because it manages to organically attract many more users to the websites, as it is automatically optimized for indexing in search engines (SEO), and also increases the average visit time because after reading a certain blog article that impacted it, the user's probability continuing on the site to browse other pages and see other content increases.
(As I have observed in performance analysis in Google Analytics.)

And whoever writes and feeds the blog, realizing that, in fact, it brings very positive results (it immediately generates new contacts or even sales if it has e-commerce) will want to continue to udpate it with great enthusiasm. This type of dynamics within the websites has many other advantages:

  1. It forces you to have new ideas, to do new research, encouraging learning, as well as deepening knowledge in the sector you work in;
  2. By maintaining a fixed periodicity, you build a commitment with who reads it and increases your reputation, allowing you to attract a certain audience;
  3. Naturally, your company will gain credibility with current and potential customers;
  4. If the articles are written by different people within an organization, as is it happen with Softway blog, it allows everyone to enrich themselves intellectually with each other, and for each other;
  5. It awakens the will of those who do not know your company, business, services, to get to know better the entire universe where you operate, standing out positively in the way you do it.
  6. It increases the probability of making your content shareable. If a certain blog article is recognized as relevant, naturally users will share it, and in an organic way it can impact new visitors. Nowadays the networking of those who follow us is very powerful.

These are just a few of the many advantages. It is time to open horizons, reinvent business, leverage new communication tools. It is not just having a blog just because it is fashionable, particularly in this context in which we live, but because it effectively brings excellent results to the business. It is really a synonym for SUCCESS!
I speak from my experience, and based on data analysis in Google Analytics from different websites.

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