5 milestones you need to have for your website's web design to be perfect.

Have you recently started your company / project and are you thinking for the first time of turning your business into digital? Here are the 5 milestones you need check before talking to a web design company to create your brand's digital environment.

Inês Victorino
Feb 16 2021 • 2 min reading
5 milestones you need to have for your website's web design to be perfect.

1 - Logo
The main goal of the logo is to differentiate your brand from others, namely from competitors, thus creating a connection with your customers. With the logo finished, designers able to know the color palette, shape and behavior to inspire and reflect the “mood” and identity of your brand throughout the pages of your website.

2 - Images
Not all services are able to have product images. In many cases the images reflect the environment and identity of the company. The images can be of concept to convey the idea of ​​your brand to visitors. Strong images, that distinguish your brand from your competition, attract potential clients attention and visitors will hardly forget the experience of visiting your website.

3 - Text content
Over time we noticed that users read less and less (especially on smartphones). Summarizing the contents to what is essential, makes the experience of navigating the site simpler and more direct. When summarizing the content, we were able to define what really needs to be highlighted. After choosing the highlights, there are plenty of UI / UX solutions - user interface / user experience - to guide the user to read more about the subject in question.

4 - Competition
There are always other businesses or companies similar to yours. When we evaluate how others behave online, it becomes easier to define a communication strategy. Where can we differentiate ourselves from others and what to keep, because it became a current practice, and makes it easier for the user to navigate through your website. 

5 - Make room for changes
Designers, contrary to popular belief, are not magicians! Creativity always comes from well-studied ideas. Through the logo, images, competition and content, we can quickly get more ideas on how to create a perfect website. Changes will always happen because digital is always evolving - take this as the best thing about your website, there is always time and space to attack another strategy. Remember to renew your images, upload videos and improve your presence on social media.

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