5 “classic” web design mistakes

The success of a website is linked to several factors, but the one who draws our attention the most is its design. The main webdesign’s challenge is to always be at the service of usability, it is very important for a website to be intuitive, fast and easy to use, as this is the key to the success of any interface that increases user engagement and permanence rate on the site.

Rita Russo
Mar 22 2022 • 2 min reading
5 “classic” web design mistakes

To be able to have a good web design, avoid these 5 “classic” mistakes:

  1. Excessive content: Excessive content means that the user, from the start, will take time to find what they are really looking for on your site and will be confused. A confused user is everything we don’t want. Defining what you want to to transmit and organizing that content is very important, to get a cohesive and easy to navigate website.
  2. Lack of CTA’s: CTAs - or better known as Call To Action - are very important on a website and the absence of these is a very common mistake. CTA's guide the user and make him/her carry out actions within the site. An example of a CTA is a “subscribe to the newsletter” button - it gives a path to the user who, with that button, can subscribe to that company's newsletter.
  3. Heavy images: Good quality images are essential for the visual impact of your digital presence, but they can contribute to the site being “heavier” and slower. To avoid this it is necessary to work on the images - reduce the size and reduce the resolution. Adapting the image format to the space where it will be shown is also important and will optimize this point.
  4. Too many animations: We like animations, but moderation is the key word when we talk about them. The excess of animations can contribute to a worse performance of the site and can distract the user’s attention from what is really important, not being able to follow the intended conversion flow (contact, submit a registration, fill out a form, buy…). The animations are meant to support the narrative and to create impact and must exist but adapt it to the project.
  5. Non-readable text: Contrast is very important on a website, especially when we are working with text. If we use a background color that does not provide sufficient contrast with the texts on the site, users will not be able to read the content. If this problem occurs, it is necessary to protect it in some way, so that it can be read and not make the user experience uncomfortable.

Finally, and across all other points, remember that it is essencial to have a design user-centered. “Stay or leave the site” is the decision that the user will have to make based on their experience within the site. By avoiding these 5 common mistakes, you will succeed on your way to having a successful website. Focusing on the content you want to transmit, taking into consideration the needs of your target audience and having an intuitive design are aspects that you really have to take into consideration.

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