2020 is coming. Are websites still relevant?

Do websites still matter, or will Apps control the mobile world?

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Nov 11 • 1 min reading
2020 is coming. Are websites still relevant?

The numbers show that the time people spend on their mobile phones has exceeded the time they watch TV.

In 2018 the numbers tell us that users spent 20 times more time using Apps than browsing the web through browsers.

These numbers reveal major mobile challenges for 2020 and leave the question: do websites still matter, or will Apps control the mobile world?

One thing we can be sure is the importance of “mobile first” either through a responsive mobile site or through an App. But don't be fooled by the world of Apps as it is not always the best response to the demands of mobile users.

Some things to help you understand why websites are still so important:

  • google does not search the contents of an App. When you search on google, you see results related to your search terms that are "read" by google on the content of websites, not Apps
  • Apps require download, authentication, login, not everyone is willing to do it
  • 77% of the time spent on Apps by users is spent only on “market giants” like Facebook or Instagram

Websites with relevant content attract visitors, promote actions, and turn visitors into satisfied customers who are your best promoters. A responsive mobile site can drive conversions by being google searchable.

Targeted apps have the potential to bring technological features that take full advantage of mobile phones.

One thing is certain: when your consumer searches for your brand on mobile, they need to find it!

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