We like to be together, but we choose not to be!

We, at Softway, decided to overcome this together, being apart. We all continue well! Thankfully! We are not more than 20 and we do not fit the official numbers that impose distance. But as of today, we will work remotely, each one from each home.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Mar 13 2020 • 2 min reading
We like to be together, but we choose not to be!

The moment is already difficult for everyone. No one must feel any discomfort or doubt in their day-to-day work. All the anguish that this COVID-19 is bringing to the world are enough.

It won't be so much fun, we love being together! We like to look at each other's screens and decide things together, we like to opine on the graphic models as we see them on each other's screens and in the animations to make to impact this or that website more. We like the lunch breaks, the cafes on the terrace looking for the sunny spot, we like the cross conversations and the laughter. We like to meet with customers and see their reactions live to what we show them, share and gather enthusiasm.

But it won't be like that in the coming weeks.

We will maintain a normal life, in a time that has nothing normal.

We will talk via Skype, Teams, WhatsApp, share screens and everything that technology allows.

We will continue to do what we know and like: graphic models, websites, web solutions ... and respond to every challenge that may arise, but remotely.

We will continue to answer phones and meet with each customer, but each one from his home.

But we will also know how to stop! Stop working, take our eyes off the screen and drop the calls, and pay attention to the small children who run around the house around us and need our attention, the teenage children who have remote classes and need our help, our husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends more or less distressed in their daily lives,  pay attention to our parents and grandparents who need our calls and care to minimize loneliness.

To all our customers and friends, whatever you need, we are together, on the other side of the screen!

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