The importance of a well structured site

The structure of a website is fundamental, since it is this that will determine how long a user will stay on your site. A good structure makes access to content and information quick and effective - and in addition, makes a site properly optimized for search engines (SEO).

Rita Russo
Jan 24 2023 • 2 min reading
The importance of a well structured site

A well-planned and implemented structure is essential for User Experience (UX), as users will not return to a site they have found confusing. However, it is necessary to understand what a site structure consists of in order to develop it - it includes URL structures, navigation menus, categorization, and internal links.

I share four key points that you must consider for planning to be successful:

  1. Define the objectives: To start organizing everything that involves structuring your site, you should establish the objectives for it. Only from there you will be able to understand which information should have more prominence, elaborating a hierarchy;
  2. Make a good benchmark: Exploring sites that are on the market within your business area is part of good structure planning. It is also relevant to visit sites that you do not consider to be as effective in terms of structure to understand what mistakes not to make in yours;
  3. Organize the contents of each page: In addition to a good site structure and its menu, the structure of the contents of each page should be thought out strategically. You should highlight the content that you consider most relevant;
  4. Define a good URL structure: A well-structured URL should follow the logic of the menu hierarchy you have thought out for your site. Following the example of an e-commerce site, the URL should look like this: URLs must be lowercase, cannot have accents, each word must be separated by a hyphen and most importantly, must allow you to know what it is about in a few words.

By following these recommendations, you will get a more organized site and more importantly, your users will have a more pleasant and organic experience - here are some tips on how you can keep your users loyal to your site, so you can keep working your site in that direction as well. The structure will impact the whole UX and SEO of the site, to get good results you should focus on planning and organization.

A good structure is one that best applies to your business and meets all the needs of your target audience.

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