The client is not always right, but the client always comes first

Putting the customer first doesn´t mean that customers are always right. It means listening to what he says but being able to understand what he needs.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Jan 11 • 2 min reading
The client is not always right, but the client always comes first

When a company seeks to make a new website or a web solution, people cannot always explain what they need, do not understand, nor have to understand, the whole reality of the web world … what is digital marketing, the importance of web design, what is the right design for a mobile first website, what is SEO - Search Engine Optimization, how can you have better organic positioning on google, how important is content, how to boost visits to your site by integrating with your posts on social networks ...

Sometimes a customer seeks to change the existing site but needs a new one. Sometimes he explains exactly the change he wants to make and explains how to do it, but if we do that, we will fall short on the real goal of the customer. Sometimes customers talk about making an App when they just really need a mobile first site. Sometimes the customer knows exactly what he wants, but just doesn't know that what he wants won't solve what he needs to take his business further.

It's not what the customer says, it's what the customer needs! It is essential to ask the customer why? and interpret his answer.

Understanding their self needs is difficult for the customer, especially in the world of web development, where customers sometimes do not understand all the techy stuff.  

In a web development company, the key is in the management team that listens to the client and keeps up with him. The best web designers and web developers can develop an impressive project, but without a real understanding of what a customer needs, and not necessarily what he wants, a website or web solution may not make life easier for him nor take him where he needs.

Listening to the customer but adding web experience and knowledge is essential to make him happy with the right solution and exceed his expectations.

This is the only way to always have the customer first!

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