The business soul

The biggest secret of your business is knowing how to take advantage of what others haven't even thought about.

João Amador
Dec 14 • 2 min reading
The business soul

It is Christmas time, it is a time of bustle and magic but also of some concern, because many times we do not know what we are going to offer and we are faced with the same dilemma every year, we leave everything for the last hour.

It is also a time of more revenue, as financial income increases significantly in commercial companies.

Although we currently live in a different reality due to a virus that completely changed our routines, the companies' marketing campaigns continue to be evident. Most of the time, what influences us to buy a certain product are the advertising campaigns implemented by the most varied stores.

When we stroll down a street or avenue decorated with Christmas lights, already thinking about what we are going to offer to this or that family member, what stands out the most are the promotions, of one or the other product, present in an decorated window.

Online stores also manage to have the same visual impact as a decorated window or sign, with large letters and appealing colors, but otherwise, you just need to have a little imagination and creativity.

This weekend I read an article and came across the impact that the series “The Queen’s Gambit“, had worldwide with more than 62 million views on Netflix. Due to the content of the series the demand for chess boards increased by 250% and some businesses saw their demand increase by 1000%, in addition the book that inspired this series became a bestseller 37 years later.

Most of the people who started playing this game, probably didn't have much interest in chess before the series debuted, but what fascinates them is the moment, it is the present.

That alone explains why the best time to sell a book happens 37 years after it was released, when it should have fallen by the wayside. This phenomenon happens daily in the online world, where the best virtual stores take advantage of profit, whether from positive or negative events.

Success lies in taking advantage of the details, success happens now and is the news.

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