Technology at people’s service or people at technology´s service?

Nowadays there are “n” ways to reach the people you want to impact, whatever the content and purpose is. This is only possible with the use of technology, whether through a website, a social network, sharing, voice messages, ... in the way the creativity of each one inspires.

Maria Cunha
Mar 9 2020 • 2 min reading
Technology at people’s service or people at technology´s service?

We do it with an incredible speed and frequency! At work, at home, or even on the street, alone or on a friends gathering ... you can quickly pick up your cell phone and reach everywhere, share, show, see and "happen" ... because sharing some things and communicating so many others it’s easy and it’s accessible with a simple click or swipe.

And in this easy way, are we slaves of the technology? Yes, we are! But I want to believe it's for great reasons.

Now one thing is certain, the greater or lesser intensity of this “slavery” depends on you and on the intelligent and effective way you know how to put it at your service.

How? Using technology to centralize the information you have and you want to show and share. For example, every time you have a new news, a new video, or a new article on the blog, instead of manually placing them on each one of the digital channels where you want to communicate and impact: linkedin, whatsapp, youtube, facebook, etc., put it on your website and from it, then share it on the other channels where you strategically want to make your content known. It also quickly shows everything, through the website, to anyone.

Your life gets easier, you use technology, but you “get the better” :)

Summing up, technology should be an excellent tool to make life easier because:

  1. Centralizes the content you want to promote on the website, reducing content management efforts;
  2. Use the website's sharing functionality to share these same contents on social networks within a click;
  3. Reaches people and impacts more easily and quickly on different channels;
  4. The followers and friends that you reach through your content on the different channels and social networks are automatically converted to your website, where they can read the details of the content and take the opportunity to understand who you are, what you do, what you speak!

And yes, it is possible to have technology at our service, instead of us being “crazy” only at technology's service!

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