Talent wins games but only teamwork wins championships

Last week Softway team had a day out of the office to take a deep look at our path that brought us to where we are today, share our vision for the coming years and think together about the future.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Apr 12 2022 • 3 min reading
Talent wins games but only teamwork wins championships

We believe that people are the most valuable asset in any company, what gives it joy and life. So, we challenged 5P's – a team building company – to challenge us! They brought games and dynamics to outcome our differences as individuals and understand better the complementarity that makes us a stronger, more cohesive and more capable team.

A company is made up of talents, of different people with different stories, profiles and skills. The balance lies in this variety, and the team's joint growth depends on the growth of each individual.

At Softway, as a web design and web development company driven by technological innovation, we organize ourselves into 3 teams to develop digital strategies together: web developers: our techys, organized, methodical and focused; web designers: our creatives who “get lost” in the art world and “find themselves” in the final joint solution; client account: our sales and customer support team, positive and believing by definition, who bridges the gap and standardizes the language.

After a very well spent day, I share 3 topics that may define any team's success:

  • Even organized in a team, each person is unique and has the ability to “represent themselves in Lego pieces with a construction of their own” but the team is stronger when there are some common pieces and these are the pillars of the company: mutual help, commitment, responsibility.
  • The way each team understands a challenge is completely different, different profiles generate different understandings. Not even we imagined how “making a specific cube” could have so many meanings... one thing is for sure, if we bring these teams together and work in a multidisciplinary logic, success is guaranteed!
  • When we invest together in planning, we overcome any challenge faster and more efficiently. We managed to “create the net that unites us” and conquer the final purpose.

Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games but only teamwork wins championships.” If each one assumes their role with confidence, they will feel the strength to express themselves better and take risks that may take us to another level … and so we continue to grow as a team and as a company.

It was important to feel that we have common pieces. That we have fun exposing our differences, but we choose multidisciplinary work. That we value planning because it elevates the final result delivered to each client and is more effective.

I will end by recalling an article written on this blog some time ago, but which could have been written today: "As CEO at Softway, I believe that managing people is not about power! It is about being at their service with guts and pleasure. Understand what is my role to allow them to succed in their own role."

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