Let me know what you need from me to be successful in your role

After 18 years of managing people in a web development company, today I am more certain than at the beginning that managing people is not about power! It is about being at their service with guts and pleasure. Understand what they need from me to be successful in their own role.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Jul 22 2020 • 1 min reading
Let me know what you need from me to be successful in your role

I'm not a designer or a programmer, I don't know how to create or develop websites or settle a content manager system. I don't integrate APIs or write any code, I don't build graphic mockups or do responsive html responsive websites ..., but the team I serve does! They make it seem easy to build graphic concepts based on a few brief lines, program lines of code on black and white screens with tecky languages, optimize, integrate CRMs and payment methods ...they create, develop, study, evolve ... and they impress me regularly!

My role as CEO is to serve them ... serve the Team that I proudly call mine with the demand of who wants the best of one, on each day.

As long as they continue to demand I will continue to be at their service for it means they count on me to go further and be successful in their own role.

That's my power: to empower others to be at their best!

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