Online shopping carts...the trend that is about to stay for sure.

It is impossible to let this December pass without referring to the sharp madness that has been the growth of E-Commerce, and the amount of shopping carts that we fill up on different sites, day after day, and that many times we only achieve in actual purchase a few days after we started them. Who never? :)

Maria Cunha
Dec 7 • 2 min reading
Online shopping carts...the trend that is about to stay for sure.

It was already a strong trend, which gained even more relevance these past months, with approximately 30% of Portuguese people say they have made more online purchases, according to a marketest study. . With consumers' mindsets changing radically, and thinking about the new generations of consumers who are also always online, it is really important to try to understand how you can emphasize what you have to offer with an online store, where you can sell your products and services in real time and effectively, allowing the greatest advantage to your customers: not having to leave the place they are... this habit that, in certain situations, even came to stay, believe me.

It is, therefore, critical nowadays to be able to promote within a few clicks the possibility for any user to buy anything, and to have access to a service of whatever nature, wherever it may be.

When deciding to take this step, you always have a team focused and dedicated to developing online stores completely customized and optimized for your specific business, which will help you to:

  • Define the best navigation workflow, without compromising an impactful and user-friendly design, which will effectively position you in the world of online stores;
  • Have access to the back office where you will manage products, users and orders in the simplest and most functional way possible;
  • Integrate with payment systems ensuring maximum security;
  • Integrate with transportation partners who will deliver all products to destinations, without fail;
  • In larger and more complex stores, make the technical integration of the store with the ERP according to each client, and in some cases also with CRM, so that everything flows in the most natural way possible when it comes to internal stock management vs online one.

Let’s do it together, since we are focus on the development of innovative E-commerce solutions, with a technical and creative team 100% focused on web development and web design. Challenge us to help you!

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