Online or offline, always: from people, to people!

The responsibility and the importance of impacting those who find and browse the website of your company is huge!

Madalena Moreira Rato
Feb 17 2020 • 2 min reading
Online or offline, always: from people, to people!

We’re human, and as human we communicate and establish relationships in various ways: through written and spoken form, images, videos, colors, movement and concrete action, amongst so many others.

We are complex and extremely dynamic in how we absorb the world around us.

We need information to form our ideas about the world surrounding us, it’s people, its companies, their values, their services and products

When you present your company, your business, your services, online and offline, it is very important to remember always you are doing it “from people, to people”.

The people who read you on your website, your Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook page, all aim the same thing to feel safe in their choices, to trust and rely their needs on you, and to connect with your message. That’s why the key is to provide consistency in that message, in the way we connect: how it looks and how it really is.

So, when you want to communicate, when you want to present yourself or your business and give people the chance to know you, the first question you need to ask is: Who am I?

Making sure that who crosses path with your brand and business online or offline, really gets the correct impression of who you really are. If your communication is spot on, with a clear and coherent message of who your are and what you have to offer, you are basically turning who mets you into a natural promotor and ambassador of your company. They will trust you and pass that trust on to others.

Sometimes people work for a good positioning on google search and forget that the most important positioning is on people’s minds.

We are not machines, we are communicative people, able to take decisions and able to influence others.

Despite all technological advances, the best possible publicity is still the referral: we trust more on having a friend recommending a brand, than on an internet search ranking.

In conclusion, the main challenge is to never forget that even though we communicate through our website or social networks in a computer screen, with people we don’t know, we should always communicate from people, to people!

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