One page site or multi page site?

These days many companies choose to make a one page website ... because it is simpler and usually cheaper! But not all are advantages: one page verses multi page website ... the battle!

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Oct 28 2019 • 1 min reading
One page site or multi page site?

The choice of whether to make a one page site or a multi-page site for your business depends on your goals.

If you want a site that works more like a "business card", if you have little content, and if you are not concerned with organic site visit growth or increasing organic site advertising ... then a one page site can be the solution you want and is usually cheaper.

If you are concerned with SEO - search engine optimization - with attracting website visitors, with visits organic growth and if you want to reach more and more visitors, then the path is definitely a multi-page site.

Google cares if your business has a one page site or a multi page site. A multi-page site means indexing a larger sitemap, more relevant to google, more text with the right words, more detailed product or service descriptions, blog articles, (…).

In summary here are some topics to help you choose the best path for your business.

Choose to make an one page site if you:

  • are not concerned with attracting visits to your site
  • will not invest in digital marketing
  • have little content to say
  • want a simple site, with probably less investment

Choose to multipage site if you:

  • are concerned about SEO – search engine optimization, good search engine indexing and organic growth
  • will invest in digital marketing
  • will have regular articles or publications (news, newsletters, blog, publications)
  • have a lot of content: texts, articles … to say
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