One Month at Softway: “The Leadership of the Last” in Action

About a month ago, I took my first steps as a Project Manager at Softway. In this short period of time, I encountered an unique culture that surprised and inspired me. Not only because of the welcoming work environment, but also because of the concept of leadership that is informally practiced on a daily basis.

Maria Reis da Cunha
Nov 7 2023 • 2 min reading
One Month at Softway: “The Leadership of the Last” in Action

In this article, I’ll share my initial experiences and how the concept "Leadership of the Last" shapes the culture at Softway.

Softway and the Culture of Innovation

From my very first day, I was fully immersed in Softway's culture of innovation. The work environment encourages creativity and experimentation. The company values the idea that regardless of one's position, everyone is capable of being a leader of innovation. In this sense, each team member is motivated to contribute ideas and solutions, regardless of their hierarchical level.

Leadership of the Last: What Does It Mean?

"Leadership of the Last" is clearly a concept that permeates the daily life at Softway. Instead of relying on the traditional hierarchy of leadership, the company adopts a more inclusive, horizontal approach, where leaders don't stand out due to their status but due to their commitment to serving the team and the mission of developing and designing high-quality websites. This philosophy is based on the idea that a true leader is willing to take a back seat, putting ego aside in order to serve the team and the common mission first.

Experiences from My First Month

During my first month as a Project Manager, I could experience firsthand how this approach makes a difference:

  1. Mentoring and Support: From the very beginning, more experienced colleagues were willing to share their knowledge and guidance with me. Feeling that I can rely on the support of everyone, regardless of their position, is incredibly motivating.
  2. Shared Decision-Making: In project meetings, everyone has the opportunity to contribute to decision-making. The company values diversity of perspectives and encourages collaboration to find the best solutions. Feeling that no opinion is disregarded has been a liberating experience.
  3. Creativity and Innovation: Everyone is encouraged to exercise their creativity (in any way) and contribute innovative ideas. This kind of approach allows ideas to flourish, creating an environment conducive to innovation, both in the service provided to the customer and in approaching the daily challenges we face.
  4. Trust and Freedom: Mutual trust is the foundation for developing and implementing bold ideas. By deeply trusting the value of insights that each team member has to share, the company gives us complete freedom to dream and create extraordinary websites.

This inclusive and collaborative approach has a profound impact on the work environment, fostering my personal growth and the professional development of all employees.

I'm excited to continue my journey at Softway and to explore how "Leadership of the Last" will continue to shape the company's culture and innovation in the websites we design and develop.

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