Is your website the most valuable tool in your business?

The answer is not straightforward and there are numerous factors that can define the importance of your website in your business. The way you communicate your brand online, how you tell your story, engage and convert visitors into actions, certainly makes your website a powerful tool that you should pay attention to.

Rafaela Nogueira
Mar 7 2023 • 2 min reading
Is your website the most valuable tool in your business?

The design and execution of the website should be rigorously thought through, so that it can meet all the necessary criteria, respond to the defined engagement objective and result in the conversion you desire.

Following the latest trends is not enough, it is necessary to take into account the best practices of digital marketing. From identifying your personas, who your target is, what your goals are and how to meet them; through the definition of customer experience at the service of your digital strategy, to the structuring of pages in terms of information and content. This path together with a strong design that respects the best practices of UI/ UX - User Interface/ User Experience - are the basis for the success of the digital positioning of your company.

We also reinforce a subject much talked about in this blog, the importance of SEO - Search Engine Optimization - to improve the visibility of the site in Google search results, via the creation of relevant and quality content.

But is it possible to do all this alone? To answer this question, we recall Steve Jobs, and three of the great teachings he left the world:

  • Demand Excellence - Apple's products are considered worldwide to be very intuitive, user-friendly and well-designed. Getting to this level was only possible because Steve Jobs' entire team was aware of the joint excellence of their work and the demands they placed on the product to be delivered to the market.
  • Surround yourself with people who believe - Steve Jobs knew well his strengths, but was also very clear about his weaknesses. He argued that it was essential to "create an environment that makes people feel that they are surrounded by other equally talented people and that their work is bigger than they are.
  • Have an open mind - one of the greatest lessons left to entrepreneurs, is to "have and keep an open mind". Apple's founder traveled the world, explored topics from multiple fields, worked and led multidisciplinary teams, which brought him different influences and visionary ideas.

These teachings are essential for the evolution of business and companies. In fact, there is no right answer to the question, "Is your website the most valuable tool in your business?" But we do know that it will be only as valuable as the commitment, engagement and vision of the internal teams and external partners that accompany you on this path. With the right team a successful 'end product' is guaranteed.

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