Human to Human (H2H) Marketing and the new business orientation

There is an increasingly growing and evident trend, cutting across B2B and B2C marketing, called H2H. This human-to-human marketing represents the concept behind any industry, business, or is person-to-person oriented, and centers on building long-term, trusting relationships between companies and their customers.

Maria Cunha
Jan 25 2022 • 2 min reading
Human to Human (H2H) Marketing and the new business orientation

Today, the best way to stand out in the marketplace is to give your customers what they need, through proximity to people, and for people. Maybe even more important than understanding their needs, is to build in the sense of giving a voice to your brand, a stamp of trust to your offer of products and services, and thus strengthen the proximity to those who are interested and reach out to you. By humanizing your relationships with customers, and also with your partners, you are building strong and loyal relationships with your target and influencing more and better their buying decisions, their loyalty.

I leave you 4 pillars where you can start outlining your H2H strategy:

  1. Empathy: put yourself in your customer's shoes. By doing so, you will realize and feel that you understand them and that you care about what they need and are looking for;
  2. Personalization: know your customer, who he is, his wishes and desires. Call him by his name, know what he likes and dislikes. This is the only way they feel heard and respected, and the relationship is strengthened;
  3. Authenticity: be as transparent as possible in the way you conduct your business, in what you communicate, in what you have to offer. Be honest in the decisions you make, and in the way you make them, for example, when you ask for personal data, explain how you are going to use it;
  4. Inspiration: simplify the language, become close and authentic. Always offer customers more than they need or are looking for.

It is still too early to be radical and say that there is no longer B2C or B2B, but everything is H2H, but the truth is that it is towards this strategy that I feel we are moving full speed ahead, where the humanization of relationships is increasingly essential and differentiating. In a world where we are witnessing an increasing automation of processes and technological revolution, this strategy is gaining even more weight, because people value it more and more, and need it.

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