Goodbye Internet Explorer! The "death" of IE and the importance of having your browser updated

Last week the browser Internet Explorer "officially died". IE was launched in 1995 by Microsoft, but it became outdated, making life difficult for web developers and users. It was not able to evolve at the speed of the competition and Microsoft communicated on June 15, 2022: "Internet Explorer (IE) has been officially retired, it is not supported as of today".

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Jun 20 2022 • 2 min reading
Goodbye Internet Explorer! The

But let's start from the beginning: what is a browser? A browser is the application that allows you to browse the Internet on your computer or mobile phone. There are several browsers that you can easily recognize by their icons: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. All of them evolved, in terms of security and functionality, at a speed that IE could not keep up with.

The fact that Internet Explorer remained on the market for so many years without evolving was a real “headache” for web designers and web developers.

Websites with a top look & feel, animations, images, videos and special elements that work perfectly in all other browsers, didn't work when opened in Internet Explorer! As the number of users using IE was still significant, achieving compatibility with this browser often involved web teams specific developments to make the website “work” in IE and sometimes even forced some limitations on websites, so that they also worked in Internet Explorer.

This said, it is with great joy that we see IE leaving the market. Let me clarify that the real benefits are for the users of the sites. For those who still used this browser, the fact of being forced to find an alternative will only bring benefits.

It is essential to have your browser updated to the last version. Outdated browsers don't stop working, so it doesn't seem "urgent" to do anything, but they have several problems. Let me alert you for the most critical ones:  

  1. Security – an outdated browser compromises the security of the actions you take on the web, from registering on a form to entering bank or personal data, essential for online purchases.
  2. Performance – an outdated browser has limited ability to read the programming code, images and videos that are “behind what you see”, compromising page loading speed, navigation fluidity and even the website layout.

Web design is constantly evolving, but in recent years we have witnessed an exponential growth that allows creatives let their imagination run wild. It is now possible to execute ideas and animations that technology didn´t allow before.

Keep the browser on your PC or mobile phone up to date to reduce security risks and increase performance and if you were still using IE, be grateful for the fact that it finally “died” and install Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Edge.

Please note, your browser is out of date.
For a good browsing experience we recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer.