Details matter

My path at Softway started around six months ago. It is fair to say I was a little green coming out of college. Although I had some experience freelancing, I still needed to meet the corporate reality of a company. One of the things that impressed me the most was the attention to detail in the projects we developed as a web design and web development company. It was perhaps the biggest adaptation I had to go through so far.

Tomás Jacob
May 4 2020 • 2 min reading
Details matter

Up until now, most of my projects have been done in a “just do, no matter how” approach. But the fact is that, when dealing with the web image of a client, this approach is not sustainable. Many times, a website is the first contact we have with a company or online store, so it becomes essential to make this first impression as near perfect as possible.

To give an example, when we dress for an event, we often rundown ten times all the aspects of an outfit: “are these the right shoes for this shirt? What watch ou earings to wear?”, we get stuck on a tiny detail. Why? Because we want to be on our absolute best.In situations that are important to us, we have a special attention to the details that make up our look to appear to others. In the digital world it is the same and we have to carry this requirement to the websites because “the others”, in this case, are hundreds or thousands of people every day.

In our world of websites, these details often translate into small visual, graphic and technical details, such as transitions and hover effects spread across the website. These tiny strokes bring your site alive, making it more dynamic, appealing, enjoyable and unique, with visual elements that don’t steal the attention away from the important content but add so much life to it.

This attention to detail is a trademark for the projects we develop here at Softway and perhaps my biggest lesson so far. In each project there is an intentional and meaningful investment in these tiny details that add an intangible value to the digital positioning of the web projects in which we work.

Another of our concerns is to maximize the user experience, optimize the user interface and eliminate as much difficulties as possible to our clients. The goal is to find and fix every problem and imperfection before the users find them. This approach allows us to achieve a refined and consistent web result. We are demanding in everything we do, and it translates in the recognized professionalism with that we approach every project.

Even though I am the latest addition to Softway´s team, I already had the opportunity to witness in first-hand the esteem and recognition of our clients for this professional work. Deep down, the demand for every project I now develop went from “do” to “do well” and this tiny word makes all the difference.

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