A world in communication with Youtube

I was far from imagining the growth that this platform would have in all sectors of our lives.

João Amador
Jan 25 2021 • 2 min reading
A world in communication with Youtube

Fifteen years ago I attended basic education and countless times we used to go to the library to use computers that at that time had an innovative platform for the time, it was nothing more than a website that hosted videos of animals, games, etc. ..

Today Youtube is much more than a simple video platform! It is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to show your product or business to the world. When designing your channel you are creating an authentic brand, be it a product, a service, or anything else that you like to do, almost everything is valid, if you have someone on the other side to see you are promoting curiosity in your brand.

You may wonder if it is worth investing in a channel for a business that is already established, be it small, medium or large, but you will hardly find better advertising than a channel with good content. Although having an audience is a difficult job, which involves careful planning, organization and creativity, I leave some advice to improve your involvement:

  • Be creative - Introduce your business, explain what you do, and what makes you different from others, create videos and make your audience want to come back, show what’s behind the cameras;
  • Be social and promote - Make your Youtube channel stand out on your website and social networks, embed your videos and promote your brand;
  • Understand your audience - Find out where your audience comes from and what they want to see, organize your strategy and act;
  • Create quality content - By creating high quality content, the number of subscribers will increase! Commit to launching new content every week and thereby increase the commitment to your audience;

Finally, we all know the importance that social networks have on your site! They all act as a gateway for your customers to get to know your business. I believe that YouTube has enormous potential as a showcase for your business, in the exposure of a product or service. By creating a channel on Youtube you can organize all your videos and make it easy to access all your content! For the videos to also appear on the website or online store, Youtube provides a sharing code that can be integrated on your website so that visitors can see the video without leaving the site but it is actually an embebed video on Youtube.

I really believe that a video is the best way to reach people and create the necessary involvement for users to know and share your brand.

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