Why is differentiated content so important today?

Over the past few decades, the entertainment industry has been divided into segments. We had big movie companies, big music and video game brands. And each segment was unique, not only because of the way their products were consumed, but also because of the great technological limitations of the time.

João Amador
Mar 15 2022 • 2 min reading
Why is differentiated content so important today?

Right now this is changing. Netflix, known for its streaming, and exclusive movies and TV series, has bought a video game studio and is preparing to invest heavily in this area. Epic Games, famous for titles like Fortnite, has just acquired a music streaming service. Are these big companies diversifying their businesses?

The Netflix and Fortnite example

At the beginning of 2019, Netflix stated in a report that its main competitors are not other streaming platforms like Disney or HBO, but Fortnite, a simple video game... or better will be to say an interactive multimedia platform!

What started as one of the most famous battle royale games in the world, with more than 200 million registered users, has adapted by organizing live concerts for artists such as Marshmello, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. Completely changing the entertainment market as we know it.

Netflix saw this change, and little by little, users began to see great innovation, such as interactive movies and published video games, passive consumption of content is not a choice, you need to keep users engaged with the content, let them be part of it.

The interactivity of content on the web

Also in the web world we are witnessing a bet on differentiated content. We live in a time when our time and attention are the most valuable currencies, and this does not only apply for entertainment purposes. There is now a new pattern of how users consume content in general.

Users are no longer passive about content, they want an experience, to feel part of it. This is how they maintain their interest in your brand. So it is essential to define who your users are, analyze their experience, and provide them with the best possible experience through differentiated content related to their interests and that promotes interactivity.

By doing this, you start to have a closer relationship with your potential customers, improving brand awareness and making them walk seamlessly alongside you and become loyal customers and promoters of your brand.

Netflix, Microsoft, and Epic Games show us that mixing content - static and interactive - is a trend that can help companies increase user engagement and their business. Is your brand looking for that?

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