What is Instagram Shopping and how to create a store on Instagram?

Instagram Shopping intends to revolutionize online sales and this social network intends to be, “not only” a powerful marketing tool, but a sales platform as well.

Maria Cabral de Sousa
Feb 1 2021 • 2 min reading
What is Instagram Shopping and how to create a store on Instagram?

This tool allows you to use Instagram to promote direct sales, showing your products in organic publications and sharing via stories and posts.

With Instagram Shopping the same image can have information about the various products in a kind of label with name, price, link. When clicking on that label, the user goes to a page, still on Instagram, where he sees more images of the product and is invited to click on a “View on website” button so that he can see the same product on the brand´s e-commerce and buy if you're interested.

In summary, you can identify multiple products in the photos on your Instagram wall and link those products to detailed information pages about them, leading the user to checkout on the brand website and purchasing the product.

It is important to clarify that Instagram Shopping does not have active payments nor is it an e-commerce platform, at least for now, so transactions must be carried out at your external online store.

This means that you must have an e-commerce - an online store - for your brand and what Instagram Shopping will allow is to connect your product posts to your e-commerce platform.

To make it clear I summarize some topics about Instagram Shopping here:

  • Instagram Shopping is not active in all markets yet. But if you are in Portugal, we have good news because the functionality is now available!
  • Only allows you to sell physical products, that is, it is not available for sale of digital products or services
  • You must ensure that your Instagram profile is a business profile, it is not available for personal accounts
  • You must ensure that your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page. You cannot use Instagram Shopping if your Instagram account is not associated with a Facebook page
  • Payments are not available on the platform. Transactions must be carried out in your external store (in your e-commerce)
  • You must have an e-commerce (an online store) for your brand! Basically, Instagram Shopping is a storefront where you can have the catalog of your products and allow you to activate a direct link to your product in your brand's e-commerce.

If your brand already has a commercial profile on Instagram, Facebook account and E-commerce Platform (online store) then you have the ideal conditions to set up Instagram Shopping.

Here's the step by step >

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