The importance of a good briefing as the starting point for a new website

A clear, concise, complete and well-structured briefing is the starting point for an effective digital strategy, especially when it comes to the creation of a corporate website. It is key to guiding the team responsible for the project and ensuring that all the client's expectations are guaranteed.

Rafaela Nogueira
May 10 2023 • 2 min reading
The importance of a good briefing as the starting point for a new website

When preparing a briefing for a new website it is certainly more immediate to identify what you want in concrete and how you want it to be developed, however and even more important will be to reflect on: Why do you need a new website? For what purpose? To solve what problems? For which target? With what objective of communication and conversion?

When creating a briefing for a website, it is important to start with a clear introduction of the company, including its positioning in the market, its core business, strengths, and target audience. It is also important to identify the biggest competitors and clearly define the end goal of the project, such as: expanding the brand's digital footprint, converting into contact, registration, or sales leads, or simply educating or sharing knowledge with users.

A well-structured brief is an essential source of inspiration for the design and programming teams to understand the project needs and the client's expectations. Furthermore, a well-planned structure is also essential in the briefing definition to enhance the User Experience (UX) of the website users, which will ultimately allow to transform visitors into leads, enhancing the success of the business.

A close relationship with the client and regular communication allows you to monitor the evolution of the project, as well as understand if it is following the right path, ensuring that the client's expectations are considered. Constant feedback from the client can provide relevant information for necessary adjustments.

An equally fundamental point is the organization of an effective schedule, essential to ensure that the project is completed on time and without unnecessary delays. Each stage should be clearly defined, with realistic and feasible deadlines. A well-organized schedule also helps to identify critical points in the project that need to be managed more carefully.

Therefore, we conclude that a good briefing is essential to guarantee the success of any project. It establishes the client's expectations, defines its scope, guides the development team, and builds a more solid relationship with the client.

We conclude it is important to invest time and effort in the preparation of a briefing, which will allow the project to be concluded with efficiency, quality and on time and within budget.

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