The best experience is in the quality of the content

What is the definition of good content for your website? If it's good for you, will it be good for other people? When we talk about good content, we are talking about content that provides a good experience to users who are looking for something specific, content that exceeds expectations.

João Amador
Apr 19 2023 • 2 min reading
The best experience is in the quality of the content

Nowadays, producing regular content is not enough. It is necessary to provide a good experience and interactions that can be consumed in a faster way and with a higher quality.

So when you are creating content for your website, keep these four essential elements in mind:

  • Relevant - the content should address the user's concerns, it's not just about what your brand wants to say, but the doubts or questions the user wants to clarify;
  • Intellectual - people like content that teaches, shows new perspectives, and acts positively on their perceptions of a particular idea or topic;
  • Emotional - creating a real connection with your audience is essential to building loyalty and powering the conversion of an interested user into a loyal customer;
  • Sensory stimulating - building good storytelling into the content production process will stimulate the user's senses and increase engagement.

When a user of your website consumes the content you have prepared for him and feels something, whether it is satisfaction at having his question answered, learning something new, feeling represented, ... he will create a connection with your brand.

How to optimize content in terms of SEO?

The use of relevant keywords and the right terms related to the main subject in all content is one of the most important premises for a good search ranking. An SEO strategy with quality and rigor, oriented to a good organic positioning brings more qualified results. The optimization of HTML, dynamic URL's per page, definition of dynamic metatags (title and description) per page is very important and depends on the content.

It is essential to define who your users are, and provide them with the best possible experience through differentiated content related to their interests and that promotes interactivity. Users are no longer passive in relation to content, they want to live an experience, feel part of it and thereby connect with your brand.

Remember to track your data, see what kind of content is most visited, where there was the most conversion, where you can get good insights on what is not working and what could be even better, always keeping in mind the channel where it is being communicated.

Above all, always remember to prepare content where the audience that consumes it will like and adhere to it. When we please the user, we are pleasing the search engines, such as Google, which is also quite relevant for the evolution and growth of your digital positioning.

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