How to keep your website visitors engaged

Engaging users is a way to bring them closer to your business, to create bonds and connection between your company and your potential clients.

Madalena Moreira Rato
Jul 27 2021 • 2 min reading
How to keep your website visitors engaged

Basically, the big goal is to keep users interested when they visit your website and thus attract business and make them your clients.

As I've had the opportunity to write before, your website is a powerful new business fundraising tool.

So, I propose 6 ways to keep the user engaged:

  1. Create persuasive and eye-catching headlines – the user will always read the “large words” and the page titles first. 8 out of 10 visitors read the title of an article, only 2 out of 10 click through to read the full content…! It is very important to use catchy words and expressions that arouse curiosity and unveil a little of the content you intend to convey.
  2. Make an engaging introduction to keep the reader interested – right after the headline, the first paragraph is critical to pique the user's interest. That's why it's very important to create attractive and captivating content… and thus keep the visitor curious. Texts with short sentences and simpler paragraphs are a great way to achieve this. In addition, images and illustrations can also help.
  3. Use “bucket brigades” – write short statements that keep curiosity, such as “the truth is”, “this is the best part”, “let's be honest”, … expressions that for the user to understand must continue to read the text. They are simple and work like bait!
  4. Bet on interactive content – ​​ to maintain attention and interest, it helps a lot to add to the words, animations, impactful images, illustrations and videos that arouse curiosity. The visual impact holds the user's attention.
  5. Share data, statistics and references – this ends up being the way to generate credibility and truth in what you write. Interesting and relevant testimonials to the content, statistics that help reinforce what you write about, links to other content that, again, reinforce the veracity of what you write, help a lot to keep the user as a reader interested and close to your business!
  6. Write about relevant subjects - everything I write above is very important, but perhaps most crucial is to focus on writing about topics that interest your visitor, that meet the concerns of your potential customers, that can turn them into interested readers and actual customers.

It is when you establish a connection with those on the other side of the screen, even if not directly related to your products and services, that you create a relationship of trust!

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