Digital doesn't take vacations!

But the teams on the front lines do.

Maria Cunha
Aug 17 2021 • 2 min reading
Digital doesn't take vacations!

Last year around this time I wrote about going on vacation in times of covid. Precisely 1 year later I realize that in fact these last 12 + (6) months of the pandemic have continued to be extremely intense around here. Still, I am fully aware that we cannot complain, because if there is one business that has really had the opportunity to grow and evolve in the middle of all the uncertainty, it is ours.

We still don't know the exact impact that all these months will have on each one of us, we only know that it has been a challenging and motivating phase, but also quite exhausting. Today I write to remind everyone that it is important to take advantage of this time of year to try (the possible) "digital detox" to get our minds focused on one thing: HOLIDAYS. Many times, it's not that easy, I know...there's always an important project happening, a closer follow-up we like to do, a commitment we want to help implement.

But it is also true that to stay strong and consistent as a team, ready to face challenges head on and with the usual success, we have to go on vacation. And without any sense of guilt or fear of what might have been left undone, or unsaid. Particularly this year. We cannot be afraid of not being always connected or available, because we always leave a team in back up mode that knows how to respond as well or even better than us sometimes. And if we can "turn off" the button for even a few days, we will surely see essential benefits for each one, and in the relationship between everyone in general, and we will be ready for the rentrée that always excites us so much.

The truth is that we have successfully achieved our goals, even in this strange context where nothing is certain or predictable. And one of the big reasons that helps us keep going is that we are surrounded by a strong team that gives us the structure we need and is always present and available. Now, if it is true that digital brings together those who are far away, it often also drives away those who are close. It is now time to let our people take advantage of these vacation weeks to be and get closer to those they want to keep closer.

HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY! We will meet again here on the blog in September. 

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