Are you ready for the new normal?

We all know by now that the pandemic of the century has shaken up and caused the acceleration of digital transformation of companies and their relationship with customers, and this transformation is increasingly evident and urgent in all sectors.

Maria Cunha
Aug 3 2021 • 2 min reading
Are you ready for the new normal?

According to Salesforce's "State of the Connected Customer" study, conducted with more than 15,000 B2C and B2B customers around the world, 80% of consumers say that not only the products and services that a company offers are important, but the whole experience of the joint relationship they establish.

Today, customers do not only interact with what you offer in your core business, but they invest their time and attention in the experiences they have with your company, with your employees; and that lasts over time, over years, if you have a complete commercial approach, that is, if you manage to be at all stages of their journey: discovery, evaluation, purchase, utilization, loyalty, and recommendation.

Now that we are entering a phase of restarting relationships, whether online or offline, it is very important to invest in this ongoing relationship with your target and involve them with the entire company, since this connection goes much further than just with a specific employee, or with a specific department. And this is the great opportunity that the new phase of deconfinement brings you...optimizing the experience and relationship management.

One of the tools you have in your favor for this "re"-building is the website. It must reflect your image to the market, to the must impact with a clean, modern, updated look&feel, with news and articles relevant to your target. It is very discouraging to enter websites, or even social media pages and realize that the last shared/updated article is from "2018" ... or not having a fast and effective way to reach your direct contact, or even the user is not quickly clarified regarding a particular service you provide/product you sell.

It's urgent that the website is one of the biggest assets, your most strategic "business card" in the management of the whole relationship, because even if the customer often even comes to meet you in person, he will also move between the different channels or contact points that you provide and may even resume the conversation in a different channel from where he started it, valuing a consistent experience at all stages of the consumer journey.

It is the right time to implement a continuous culture, agility, and innovation in your business, because only then will you increase its value and strengthen the loyalty of those who seek it. Show that you know your customers, that you know what they need, and take this step in personalizing communication, because only by staying active in your communication channels can you maintain a quality relationship, lasting and differentiating in the days that are now, and in the new ones to come.

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