CMS Content Management System

Our content management system gives our clients control over all website contents, with a simple interface in a very easy way.

You shouldn't have to hire a web design company every time you need to update your website or e-commerce platform. We know that getting the information you need to your customers at the right time is an integral part of running a successful business.

With our easy online Content Management System (CMS), you will be able to add, edit and delete your website content. Simply login, make your changes and post it instantly!

Designed to suit an institutional website or e-commerce platform, the content management system gives our clients full control over website contents in a very easy way. Update news, products, blogs, photos, videos, links, ... without having any technical knowledge.

The CMS holds a database of newsletter registrations, contact and recruitment forms, so that all your website contacts are registered in the backoffice and ready to integrate with an email marketing solution.

Our content management system was 100% developed by Softway. It is 100% customizable to each project according to its specific needs. One of the main tasks of the development team is to assure that our content management system stands out from the market in technical and functional terms, but it is also 100% adaptable to each client needs.

We provide web services and APIs to integrate content management with external platforms. The content management system allows integration with RSS feed systems, social network platforms (facebook, linkedin, ...) and systems or internal repositories of our client.

The major benefits of our content management system is the simple interface, very user friendly and easy to use, 100% customizable.

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