What I like is summer...and preparing for the "rentré"!

Who doesn't? Taking advantage of September to "re-start" again is always a good bet.

Maria Cunha
Jul 12 2022 • 2 min reading
What I like is summer...and preparing for the

Despite the optimism that I feel has surrounded us, with life returning to "normal", sun, heat, and summer festivals... the truth is that the war goes on, and the world continues to change very fast. After a challenging pandemic, we now live this situation that once again makes life difficult for marketing and communication teams to make projections, predict results, study consumption patterns and consumer behavior, plan/concrete budgets, among many other difficulties that worsen with this whole situation.

Added to all this, the growing trend towards an increasingly digital consumer in their behavior, whatever the sector, remains evident, which reinforces the importance of seeing guaranteed, in their digital channels, the right content strategy to build greater credibility and notoriety for your business, and the urgency of using the different tools that digital offers and that best help you measure the performance of your campaigns, draw the right conclusions for future decisions, understand the greater or lesser success of strategies implemented online, or the strategy of social networks, etc..

And this is where websites also come in. Websites are the fastest and most effective gateway to business. They are the face you give to those who find you because they do, or those who seek you out because you were referred to them. And it is still very discouraging to enter websites, or even social media pages, and realize that the last shared/updated article is from "2018" ... or not having a fast and effective way to reach your direct contact, or the user not being quickly enlightened about a certain service you provide/product you sell.

The time is coming, if you haven't already done so, to take this time to plan the update of your biggest digital asset: your website. It should reflect your image to the market, to the world... it should make an impact with a clean, modern, updated look&feel, with news and articles relevant to your target audience. Consequently, it is also through the site that teams can draw more real conclusions, make more effective decisions.

Take advantage of this time of year to take stock, to start thinking and preparing a refresh to the site, a deeper update, with concrete goals, maintaining optimism, and preparing for the challenging new year that is getting closer and closer.

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