Effective communication creates a successful team

Last week, our team gathered for a team building event where, unexpectedly, we turned into eagles, kites, doves, and owls. We had a great time, filled with laughter and an overwhelming sense of joy!

Maria Cabral de Sousa
May 16 2023 • 2 min reading
Effective communication creates a successful team

The objective was to enhance our team's communication and effectiveness. Successful individuals possess a profound self-awareness, acknowledge the requirements of each situation, and employ diverse strategies to fulfil those needs.

In our quest for a common language and recognising the significance of adapting to one another, we engaged in a study of each team member's behavioural profile under the expert guidance of João Prata, a partner and trainer from 5p's. This enabled us to acquire strategies for identifying and adapting to enhance our capacity to influence, resolve conflicts, and make necessary behavioural adjustments, thereby fostering a cohesive and highly effective team.

Our behavioural profile impacts everything we do: how we lead, communicate, make decisions, negotiate. Understanding our behavioural profile is the first step towards achieving joint results at the service of the projects we work on and the clients we support.

Companies are made of people and we love our people! We are developers, creatives, technicians, managers, designers, project managers. Across all these domains, we recognize that we have a blend of eagles, parrots, doves, and owls, each displaying distinct behaviors, communication styles, and approaches to relationships within different contexts. It is within this rich variety that our equilibrium resides!

Eagles are naturally oriented towards shaping their surroundings, overcoming obstacles, going into action and accepting challenges; They are the ones who often arrive at the cinema after the commercials because they simply cannot tolerate waiting.

Parrots talk and laugh out loud! They thrive on social interactions, exude enthusiasm, and are naturally sociable. They are always keen on leaving a positive impression. Truth be said, they often go to the cinema more for the company than for the film itself.

Doves are geared towards achieving stability and accomplishing tasks through cooperation with others. They are patient, calm and good listeners. They are the ones who arrive at the cinema 15 minutes earlier to calmly prepare everything, avoiding unnecessary stress!

Owls prioritize quality and meticulousness. They value rules, possess analytical and precise traits, and strive for perfection while maintaining diplomacy. They prefer to go to the cinema only after reading reviews and ensuring that the film is truly worth their time.

As Charles Darwin once stated, "It is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survive, but those that are most adaptable to their environment." We take great pride in embracing our diverse "species" and, with this awareness, we strengthen our unity through mutual respect and more effective communication, enabling us to soar even higher together.

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