The creation process

When we look at a finished project it almost never anything like what we imagined at the beginning, but that's good!

Pedro Completo
Jul 19 2022 • 1 min reading
The creation process

It's not helpful to think that the final result will be something similar to the starting point…
The first approach will always be a simpler version, without major concerns and a more general look. A first form that shows us a line to follow, but which is very rarely the final version.

As the creation process progresses, doubts begin to arise, new elements that had not yet been idealized, new concerns. Everything that forces us to start over or devise new solutions will also help to have a better product in the end.
The more we iterate, the better the work gets. Iteration opens up new channels of possibility and the more we practice these iterations, whether creative or technical, the easier it becomes to create something new and better.

Sticking to a first draft can never be positive for the creation process. Imagining that the end result will have to be the same as the starting point is the first step towards failing the objective and transcending what was idealized.

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